Mechanical pick-up RM

The new mechanical pick-up RM is an accessory applicable to the aspiration self-propelled harvesters Cimina.
The use of this device permits a series of advantages as: 1) significant suppression of the airborne dust; 2) higher harvesting speed in comparison to the use of the traditional harvester, constituted by rubber rotating brushes; 3) better harvesting performance in grass presence; 4) better final cleaning of the collected product, because the auger for debris separation immediately eliminates the soil at the entrance of the product in the gatherer; 5) less wearing of the harvester in its interior because the soil does not arrive inside the aspiration devices, with consequent inferior maintenance costs in the course of time.
For the efficient use of the mechanical pick-up it is necessary a well-prepared ground by mulcher, regular and leveled. The use on not regular grounds and very humid soils is not suggested.
The RM device is constituted by: Auxiliary feed brush; Debris separation auger, it transports the impurities and it unloads them laterally on the ground; Main harvesting brush, it transport the fruits eliminating the waste material; Cleaning auger and transport towards the central aspiration pipe, which carries the product into the depression chamber of the aspiration harvester. The gatherer is finally endowed with lateral skids and support roller. On demand it is possible to apply to the gatherer a lateral inter-row brush model D.100.

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