In 1971 tank to  Marcello Bellachioma’s intuition  was born the first harvester machine for hazelnuts .

Since 1985 Mr Marcello  and his brother  Renzo operated like  individual enterprise. In the same year  was established F.A.C.M.A. S.n.c. (which name means  Artisan Factory Construction  Agricultural  Machines).  In 2005 it  became  FACMA Srl.

In this 30 years and more  of work, research and investment, FACMA studied  in a deepen way ground working, harvesting, dry and selection of product systems, projecting appropriate machineries for them.

The firm seat is in Vitorchiano, Viterbo , Italia, in the modern factory by the employ of advanced technologies are projected and constructed agricultural machineries like:

Many objectives are conquered, FACMA points to know  always more its products and to achieve Countries that till now weren’t  considered, getting ahead  with the ideas of a modern  and specialized  agriculture but at the same time environment respectful.

1971:Individual Artisan Firm “Bellachioma Marcello” birth;
sale of Trailed Harvesters first models.
1984: start and following development of the sale network in Viterbo province and in Italy.
1985: FACMA S.n.c. birth
1995: patent on the frontal brushes of the Self-propelled Harvesters,
          homologation of the Self-propelled Harvester;
          exhibition of the Self-propelled Harvester in the news sector of EIMA fair in Bologna.
1996: CONAMA certification of the Trailed Harvester Cimina 200.
1997: start and following development of the sale network in Spain and France.
2001: ENAMA certification of the Self-propelled Harvester Cimina 300;
          ENAMA certification of the Mulcher TR 180 BPEL.
2004: sales in South African Republic.
2005: transformation in FACMA S.R.L.
2008: Comercial Facma Chile birth, for the sales in the Chilean market,
          FACMA S.R.L. is a sponsor of the 7° International Congress on hazelnuts in Viterbo.
2009: patent on the Pruning picker – up Shredder Comby, registration of the European and International brand
          FACMA, sales in Croatia and Australia.
2010: Hydrostatic tractor TRIFRUT 85 HP, technical innovation EIMA 2010, exposition at EIMA service centre and patent




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