Systems Machines for the cleaning, drying and storage of the shell fruits

FACMA is specialized in manufacturing machines dealing with the post-harvest phase of products in shell like: hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, macadamia, pecan nuts etc. The company produces systems of drying, selection and storage of the products, standard or personalized, according to the customer’s exigencies, combining the machines listed below, obtaining the needed production process:
- SWILLING TANKS (water cleaning system)
- STONES SEPARATORS (dry cleaning system)

Type scheme of complete system
1: Hopper for product unload
2- 7: Bucket elevators
3: Separator fan
4: Swilling tank
5: Water drainage sieve
6: Perforated belt with ventilator
8 - 9: Load and unload augers
10: Dryers
11: Conveyor belt


FACMA’s dryer offers a simple, cheap and necessary solution for the drying of woody shell products (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, etc.). The models start from a minimum capacity of 4,5 m³ to a maximum of 33 m³, they can be laid out in series reaching the requested capacity. The dryer can be loaded by conveyor belt or bucket elevator. The desiccation is obtained by the forced ventilation of hot air, which the heat-exchanger sends to the ventilator, which at the same time pushes it inside the body of the dryer. The product, continuously ventilated, is mixed by a central Archimedean screw and it can be ventilated also with non heated air. When the grade of humidity of the product is the requested one, the same product is extracted, by gravity, from the inferior part of the storage bin through the shutter and it is moved away by an adequate transport system. This process permits to considerably reduce the drying cycle, to maintain the product’s organoleptic qualities unchanged, assuring at the same time the worker’s safety in obedience to the laws in force.


The separator fan is employed for the post-harvest selection of shell fruits from the impurities (empty products, ground, leaves and other impurities). The flow of air, generated by the fan, separates the product from the residues mixed up with it, in function of the specific weight. It is powered by electrical energy, it is endowed with its own engine with power of 1,5 kW (model SHP2) or power of 3 kW (model SHP4).
The separator fan can be endowed, on demand, with:
- Rotating screen, which permits to remove ground and residues with smaller dimensions than the product (models SHP2CRIV. ou SHP4CRIV.)
- Double rotating screen, which permits to remove residues with smaller and bigger dimensions than the product itself, like sticks and others (model SHP4CRIV.DOPP).
The separator fan is employed in the drying system to make the first dry cleaning of the product. This machine does not remove stones with the same diameter of the product.

The separator fan SHP4CRIV DOPP is built also in the version IS, with walls in iron sheet to reduce the dust dispersion in the air and to direct all of them in the same unloading point.
The model SHP4CRIV. DOPP IS/2 is constituted by a double main structure to sustain 2 Separator Fans in line, it is covered by insulate sandwich panels with thickness of 30mm, to reduce the dispersion of the dust in the air and also the noise. On demand, we can apply on this machine a system of dusts aspiration.


The swilling tank permits the post-harvest selection of shell fruits from impurities like stones, residues of ground, etc., thanks to a water cleaning system. The product, put into the tank, floats and it is pushed by a gush of water (created by the immersion pump) towards the grill, where the water falls into the collection basin and the produce rolls towards the exit.
- VASCA C/COCLEA: endowed with water collection basin, immersion pump, grill and auger. The stones and the other waste are continuously taken from the bottom of the basin, by a fixed screw, which downloads them directly in an external container.
- SWILLING TANK WITH AUGER COVERED IN RUBBER: for chestnuts. The good chestnuts sink in the water and are unloaded by the auger covered in rubber, the ruined chestnuts float and roll towards the exit grid.
- WATER DRAINAGE AUGER: it is a perforated inclined auger, which permits the water drainage from the product once come out from the swilling tank. Suggested for systems of small-average dimensions.


The stones separator is used to make the dry selection of hazelnuts, macadamias or rounded nuts from impurities like small branches, empty products, ground, leaves etc. The produce can be loaded by a conveyor belt and/or a bucket elevator, the separator fan makes the first cleaning of the product, removing the lightest impurities. Inside there are two or more disks, which rotating, permit to the nuts to roll outwards and to fall at the bottom of the chamber; the stones stay on the flat part of the disk, and then they are removed by a clasp.
We manufacture systems until 10 disks and it is possible to apply, on demand, a rotary screen which carries out the pre - cleaning of the product (see separator fan).


The conveyor belt is used for the unload and upload of shell fruits whose dimensions are not inferior than a sphere of 5 mm in diameter and not superior than a sphere of 80 mm in diameter. The conveyor belt is composed of: metallic carpentry, which is the bearing and retaining structure of the linen rubber belt with iron blades (or, on demand, covered with rubber); an electrically driven engine; a loading hopper and a gradual discharge outlet. It can be endowed with a speed-change drive unit. The structure is fixed on a support loom on wheels. Available with loading width of 20 cm or 30 cm.


The rigid screw conveyors are the ideal solution for the transport of shell products on long distances. They can have variable capacity and length, they can be integrated on already existing systems to further improve their efficiency. They are endowed with an helicoid, which rotating on its axle, practices an axial thrust component on the materials contained in the canal. The motorization of these systems can be decided and applied according to the exigencies of the moment and to the typology of production.


The selection belt is composed of: metallic carpentry, speed-change drive unit, linen rubber belt (on demand also alimentary) sliding on a plane of smooth plate, with lateral container. This machine permits to control and remove manually different types of material directly from the transport layer in movement. It can be used singularly or in a drying and selection system, as a final element to make an ulterior and more accurate cleaning of the produce.
We produce a particular model for chestnuts, which shape permits the fruit overturning. We realize also custom-made models.


The bucket elevator is the most suitable equipment to transport vertically solid or granular products in high quantity, without damaging them. It is endowed with a ring belt, on which buckets to transport the materials are fixed. This machine permits to convey the products from the elevator’s base until the top of the storage bin or of another warehousing container. We also produce custom-made unload hoppers. On demand it is possible to install a dosing screw between the hopper and the bucket elevator to permit a better product entry in the elevator.


The calibrating machine is endowed with proper cylindrical calibrating grids which select the product, which is then channelled by hoppers in bags or bins. It is motorized in autonomous way and the powering energy is electrical. For the load it is necessary an inclined conveyor belt (not supplied and available as an accessory), or the calibrating machine can be inserted in a post –cleaning system for shell fruit.

Cleaning sieve

The cleaning sieve can be used in the selection and drying system, in line with other machines, to make a first dry cleaning of the shell fruit. Two versions are available, both not endowed with fan:
- - model CRIV.D.700., with double rotary sieve, 70 cm wide, with rails to adjust the working height.
- - model CRIV.D.2000, with double rotary sieve, 200 cm wide. Fixed working height.
- The sieve with double rotary grid permits to remove residues with smaller and bigger dimensions than the product itself, it does not remove stones with the same diameter of the product. It is also possible to adjust the sieve inclination. It is powered by electrical energy, endowed with his own engine, available monophasic or three phases.

Water drainage sieve

The water drainage sieve is a single rotating sieve in perforated iron sheet which permits the water drainage from the product (shell fruit, in particular hazelnuts) once passed in the tank. This machine is installed after the tank, in the place of the perforated slide. This passage is useful to avoid that the water arrives in the dryers. It is endowed with a container for water recovery in which the immersion pump, supplied together with the tank, is installed. Suggested for systems of big dimensions.

Perforated tape with fan

The perforated belt with blower is used in the drying and selection system, after water cleaning machines, to blow the product, to permit the water drainage from the hazelnuts and as final element to make a further manual cleaning. It can be positioned after the swilling tank or after the drainage sieve. It is composed of: metallic carpentry, a fan, a speed-change drive unit, a net sliding belt.


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