Trailed aspiration harvesters CIMINA

FACMA produces a range of trailed harvesters suitable for the mechanized gathering from the ground of hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, olives, coffee, macadamias, pecan nuts, etc. The enterprise has a long experience in the manufacture and employment of these machines, whose lasting success is due to their versatility in harvesting a wide range of produces, to the simplicity of use and maintenance, to their manageability and to the capacity of adapting to the ground unevenness.
The manufactured models are classified in order of size and working capacity, to be considered on the basis of the personal harvesting exigencies.
The trailed harvester works thanks to the principle of suction of fruits from the ground, it is powered by the tractor with an universal joint, it is endowed with 1 or 2 light – weight flexible pipes held by walking operators who guide them over mounds or rows of produce on the ground.
The sucked-up produce is propelled into a depression chamber where it is separated from the heavier waste material. Subsequently the produce is poured through a valve into a conveyor with a ventilator where, thanks to an air flow, leaves and light impurities are eliminated. Then a double rotary sieve makes a further selection from impurities with different sizes from the fruits ones. In the end the collected produce is downloaded into sacks or into pulled trailers.
The double rotary sieve is made on the basis of the caliber of the fruits to gather. Just replacing this component it is possible to use the machine for the harvest of different fruits.
In the models C120T, C200T, C300T, two de-duster cyclones are present, with the purpose of lowering the dusts before their dispersion in the air.
For maximum harvesting performance, it is suggested to prepare the ground, working it different times by mulcher during the previous year and before the produce falls to the ground.
It is possible to install a lateral harvester on hydraulic arm (on request for C 200 T, C 300 T e C 380 T models), which is a head with 2 contra-rotating brushes formed of rubber scraper elements. This accessory works by the tractor’s double acting hydraulic outlets, sucking the raked produce directly from the ground.


This accessory makes a further cleaning of the collected fruits, thanks to an air flow which intervenes before the outflow of the product, separating it from the remaining impurities.


It is possible to install on the machine the accessory husk remover, positioned before the rotary sieve and made of an axle with brushes, which rotating against the fruit permits to remove the husk of hazelnuts, chestnuts and almonds. The harvesting capacity is subordinated to the ground preparation and the quantity of product on the ground. The images, data, characteristics that are present in this catalogue are indicatives and not binding for the manufacturing company, they can be changed of its own volition without obligation of advance notice. This catalogue must be considered not exhaustive, the manufacturing company can produce different models depending on the customers requests.


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