Offset mulcher

The lateral offset mulcher GR/VPE is particularly suggested for cutting under-tree ridges on fruit orchards and to clean verges, banks of canals, ditches and dikes.
The advantage of having a double hydraulic position allows reaching extreme angles.
Moreover, the large excursion of the arm allows you to put the machine completely outside the tractor’s track, making the mulcher independent and perfectly able to follow the ground inclination.
Bonnet in anti-wear domex iron, structural steel with high resistance. It is suggested for cutting grass, pruning residues and movable stones until 12 cm of diameter.

Standard equipment:
- Universal three-point linkage ISO cat.2
- 540 RPM PTO gearbox with overrun clutch positioned inside the machine casing, with free wheel.
- Lateral parallelogram displacement with double hydraulic cylinders.
- Rotation joint and arms mounted on lubricating bushes.
- Rotor bearings inside the frame.
- Possibility to adjust the working height, for using it as a normal mulcher.
- Conformity with law PrEN 17106-4-1:2017, stability and throwing tests widely passed.

• Gearbox in internal position
• New version VPE hammer


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