Tier ventilator

Facma fans VA2 and VA2 PLUS blow the produce into windrows, piles or rows of product on the ground, making  the harvest easier for both the trailed and self-propelled harvesters. Both fans models can be connected to the tractor’s power plug.
In the VA2, the air generated by the fan moves the produce that has fallen to the ground (walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.) by one or two flexible pipes (120mm of diameter) which are manoeuvred by operators.
In the VA2 PLUS the direct ventilation generated by the same machine moves away the product fallen from the inter-row, without the operators’ help.

Raccolta Mandorle Raccolta Nocciole Raccolta NociVA2    
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Raccolta Mandorle Raccolta Nocciole Raccolta NociVA2-Plus    

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